What People Say About Mark, the Shandrow Group Team,

“…made the buying process simple…”

If you need a great Realtor then Mark is the best! He and the other folks we met through made our buying process so simple that I still can’t quite believe it. He knew what questions to ask and what homes to steer clear of and that saved us so much time you can’t even imagine! Mark, we’re all moved into the new place , and we hope that you’ll drop over for a coffee sometime! Cheers! -Hugo Anderson, 4th Street Corridor

“…you made it all easy…”

Greetings Mark and the Shandrow Group team! How have you been? I hope things are well with you guys. This is James from Alamitos Beach. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the help you gave me and my family. I was afraid that finding a wheelchair accessible house and relocating to California would be difficult but you all made it easy. We are hosting our annual family get together here this summer and would be honored if you would join us. Please shoot me an e-mail when you get a chance.- James Watkins, Alamitos Beach

“…in a step-by-step manner that was easy…”

When we first approached Shandrow Group we had a long list of things that we wanted in a house but really no plan on how to achieve our goals. Mark sat down and went over everything step-by-step in a manner that was very easy to understand. We figured out what sort of house we could afford and what options would be available to us within our budget. He went out of his way to make sure that we only looked at houses that were within our means and kept us away from some of the shadier parts of the neighborhood. Mark, it was a true pleasure working with you, hope you and your wife are doing welll. BTW, we’re expecting our first baby next week! - Joann Hood, Belmont Shore

“…process was as painless as possible…”

After six years of living in an apartment and the news that my new wife was pregnant team very apparent that we needed to buy our first home. After a great deal of searching and speaking with many different individuals I met Mark through the website. Not only was the site one of the easiest search sites I’ve used the information provided gave me a good foundation to start the home buying process and Mark’s expert advice made the whole process as painless as possible. He obviously knows his stuff! Would recommend highly Mark to anyone looking to buy a home for the first time or just in general. Thanks again Mark, Hope all is well. - Peter Carlson, Bixby Knolls

“Thanks for the perfect home…”

Hi Mark, I just wanted to say thanks for helping us find the perfect home. The time you and the entire Shandrow Group team spent with us was great and we couldn’t be happier settling into our new place. You proved to me that buying a new home doesn’t have to be a painful experience and we will certainly recommend you to our friends. - Karmen Evins, California Heights

“…the care and attention you put into every detail…”

Hi Mark, just saw your listing on and wanted to drop in to let you know how much we appreciated your help last year finding a new home. The time you took and the care and attention you put into every detail was greatly appreciated. We’ve since settled into our home very nicely and things are great, please feel free to drop by anytime you’re in the area! – Ward Hood, Carroll Park

“…the nicest, friendliest, easiest people…”

The people at Shandrow Group were some of the nicest, friendliest, easiest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Mark’s knowledge of the local Long Beach market and real estate in general made our home buying process go exceptionally smooth. He made sure that we only viewed houses that were applicable to our budget and was able to use his knowledge of the local area to make sure we didn’t view anything that would be in a questionable neighborhood. Thanks again, will definitely be recommending you and the website to all of our friends. - Kyle Potter, Downtown Long Beach

“..we saved at least $16,000…”

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that we got moved into the new place today, thanks again for all your help. For anyone searching for a Realtor in the Long Beach area right now I would highly recommend Mark and the whole team at He was professional, courteous, and his extensive knowledge of the Long Beach market made me feel at ease during the entire process. Mark’s skills when it came to the negotiating portion of the sale meant that we saved at least $16,000! Thanks again and have a happy holidays! -Deirdre Jackson, El Dorado Park

“…I didn’t think is was possible…”

We just purchased our third home and up until now I didn’t think buying a house was possible without a great deal of frustration. We’re not new to this game but every time we end up buying a house we always go through the same hassles. Not this time however! After meeting with Mark and the Shandrow Group team through, we felt completely at ease going through the home buying process. They made sure that we saw the best homes that were in our budgets and helped us out every step of the way from viewing the closing. We’re all moved in now and while I’m pretty sure this is going to be our forever home but if we ever decide to move again, we’ll be calling! – Margaret Karas, North Long Beach

“…some of the best people I’ve ever worked with…”

Don’t really have much to say except that the team at Shandrow Group are some of the best people that I’ve ever dealt with. This wasn’t my first home, but this was definitely the easiest home purchase I’ve ever made. Thanks, I hope you guys are doing well. – Lucille Stout, Park Estates

“…always on time and extremely organized…”

We just could not have expected anything more than the quality and professionalism in the service we received from the Shandrow Group team . They were always on time, extremely well-organized, and served us very well. In this case the transaction was very unique and required special consideration, we are absolutely positive that we could not have pulled this off without Mark. -Brenda Broussard, South of Conant

“…will do all future investing with Mark…”

When I first met the team, I immediately realized how capable they were in any situation pertaining to real estate. Mark made it very clear what his criteria was in choosing properties as investments. He assured me that I was walking into an excellent market at the perfect time as everything was low price low risk and because of him I have the money to do more investing. Of course I will do all my future  investing with them. For anyone looking to succeed in real estate I recommend dealing with Mark at Shandrow Group. He and his entire team are really smart and easy to work with. - James Hudson, West Long Beach

“…incredible expertise and commitment…”

Mark’s team at Shandrow Group showed incredible expertise and commitment in taking the time to find out about our specific situation and needs. This obviously paid off in our favor. They were available weekends, evenings, and seemed to be able to make time for us whenever we called. After a few meetings they knew exactly what we needed and were able to find us our perfect home! Again, the professionalism, dedication, and knowledge allowed us to buy our first home we absolutely love. Thanks so much! - Roger Johnson, Wrigley

“…found a Real Estate Broker I can trust…”

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Shandrow Group over the past few years, and as a result of Mark’s direct involvement I am now a satisfied owner of the perfect home in Long Beach. But most importantly, after spending almost 20+ years investing in real estate I have finally found someone that I can trust! They have a great support team that I know I can count on to be both behind me and beside me and all my current and future real estate dealings. If there is any regrets I have is that we did not meet sooner. -Markuel Vines, 4th Street Corridor

“…goes above and beyond…”

Mark is a true professional, no questions asked! His team has the energy, drive and dedication needed to help you find the perfect home and he constantly goes above and beyond the normal requirements. From the first day I started working with the Shandrow Group team they always went the extra mile and made sure that my goals were always met. I would work with them again in the future any time. - Glenn Koch, Alamitos Beach

“…we couldn’t be happier…”

Simply put, the team at was amazing. The minute we met we felt very comfortable having them represent us and our interests. They were also great at asking the right questions and going through it with us step-by-step to help us pinpoint exactly what sort of house we were looking for. We couldn’t be happier with our new home we are new to the area so we don’t really know anybody looking to buy a home yet but when we meet somebody will definitely be sending the business their way! - Neil Gonzalez, Belmont Shore

“…our phone calls were always returned…”

My sister and I were looking to purchase property but were not sure how to go about it. We stumbled across and arranged a meeting. Everybody on the team is enthusiastic and you can tell they truly enjoy what they do. Our phone calls were always returned with interest and every one of our questions were answered and we never felt like we had to fight to get somebody on the phone. This was such a good experience we hope to do more purchasing with the Mark in the future and I would highly recommend him to anybody not sure how to get started when purchasing real estate. -Darrel Hutchinson, Bixby Knolls

“…the qualities of responsibility and caring are too rare…”

I truly appreciate the time and the efficient care that you have taken in our transaction. The qualities of patience, responsibility, and caring are far too rare in today’s society and you have them all! It’s great to find somebody who truly cares about the people they work with. Thank you for making my first condo purchase so much easier! Cheers! -Joanna Guzik, California Heights

“…truly an excellent agent…”

It was very apparent from the moment I met Mark through that he had our best interests in mind. He took as much time as we needed to explain every aspect of the deal and any considerations that we should take into account. Mark could tell that we really wanted to make sure that we were comfortable and that we would be happy with all of our decisions. he’s truly an excellent agent. -Elena Morrow, Carroll Park

“Thank you for your care and attention…”

Hi, this is just a quick note to say thanks for all the personal attention you gave to me even though this was such a small transaction. It’s not hard to tell that you are truly a terrific Realtor and an even better person. Keep up the great work, thanks! -George Carpenter, Downtown Long Beach

“…very professional and courteous…”

Working with the team has been one of the most positive and pleasant experiences I have had. The entire team is very professional and courteous. All of my questions were answered in a knowledgeable and timely fashion and anyone working with them can certainly feel confident in receiving professional advice from a true expert. If you are looking to buy a piece of property and want to work with a professional and experienced real estate company I would highly recommend hiring Mark at Shandrow Group. -John Atkinson, Park Estates

“…Mark and his team are the greatest…”

I just can’t say enough great things about all the work that Shandrow Group did on my behalf. I was well aware of how extremely difficult to transaction would be, but they handled it like a true professional. They were great always following up and keeping the line of communication open with means a lot to me. And in spite of the fact that this was a relatively small deal, I felt as if they treated it like it was worth $1 million! Mark and his team are simply the greatest! -Claire Terry, South of Conant

“the most knowledgeable and efficient real estate teams…”

The best thing about working with Mark and the Shandrow Group team, is that they immediately put me at ease. My level of trust was high immediately after our first meeting and only continued to grow throughout the process. They are certainly one of the most professional, knowledgeable and efficient real estate teams I’ve had the pleasure to deal with.-William Dodrill, West Long Beach

“…were able to save us money…”

This is my second time dealing with Mark. I knew after our last dealings that they would handle my transaction in a professional and honest way. I knew that they had the knowledge to find us our perfect house, and of course they did. My partner and I both trust their negotiation skills and they were able to save us a great deal of money. Thanks again Guys! -Mary Ann Hershey, Wrigley

“…could tell he was an honest agent…”

My husband and I have always been cautious of real estate agents. After meeting with Mark over a cup of coffee, we immediately felt at ease. He was just a joy to be around, and I could tell that he was an honest agent. We would fully endorse Mark and the entire Shandrow Group team as great Realtors, they certainly went above and beyond for us. - Amanda Lax, 4th Street Corridor


“…we’ve made some profitable deals together…”

Dealing with Mark through was one of the best experiences I’ve had and I’ve been in the Real Estate game for a long time. His entire team was kind and courteous in their responses and I knew that every thing they were telling me had a good foundation behind it. I’ve been working with them now for a few years and we’ve made some very profitable deals together. Good work guys and I look forward to dealing with you for years to come. -Daniel Mongillo, Alamitos Beach

“…as new immigrants to the United States…”

As new immigrants to the United States we were very nervous about our first home purchase. We weren’t sure who to talk to, what to expect, or even what price range we could really afford. Mark immediately made us feel at ease by asking us questions and drawing up a great plan for finding the best home for us. -Annette Potter, Belmont Shore

“…most caring bunch of real estate professionals…”

The team is certainly one of the most caring bunch of real estate professionals that we have ever worked with. Their knowledge and expertise means that they are simply above the rest. I can say with complete confidence that anybody who has the pleasure of working with them will come away completely satisfied and feel the same way that I do. -Jay Robinson, Bixby Knolls

“…we would never have been able to get…”

Looking back on the whole process of buying our first house it’s obvious now that if we didn’t have someone like Mark with his years of experience than we would never have been able to get into our dream home with the budget we had. He took an overwhelming experience and made it seem not so daunting and we always felt like we were well looked after. Would have no problems recommending Mark and his team to anyone looking to purchase real-estate! -Ethyl Byrd, California Heights

“..they roll up their sleeves and get the job done…”

If there is one thing that I could say about the team is that they do not shy away from difficult situations. They roll up their sleeves and get the job done no questions asked. So far I’ve used them for three different real estate deals and they’re the only Realtors that I choose to work with. -Brandon Buck, Carroll Park

“…prompt to return my calls…”

Picture this, you just moved to Long Beach from northern Alberta, Canada. You’ve never owned a house before and you have no idea how to get started buying. Feeling a little frustrated and unsure, you type Long Beach homes for sale into Google and click on the first result that pops up. That’s how I met the team, and I couldn’t be happier that I did. they were incredibly professional and always prompt to return my calls, they made sure that I got a house that I could afford that I was happy with. Thanks everyone from me and the whole family, I hope all is well. -Sharon Woodward, Downtown Long Beach

“…the only one we’d recommend to friends…”

My wife and I have been impressed with Mark from the first time we met him. From first viewing to the final closing he represented our interests with skill and integrity and always treated us as his most important client. Of all the real estate professionals that we have worked with in the past Mark and Shandrow Group is the only one that we would recommend to one of our friends. -Ahmed Taylor, El Dorado Park

“…puts our minds at ease…”

My husband and I first met Mark and became aware of his expertise when we were moving in from Kelowna, British Columbia. He was one of the most helpful people I’d ever met and was great in assisting us with such a long distance move. Since arriving in Long Beach we have also worked with Mark to purchase and sell a number of rental properties. Whenever we had questions about our properties we never hesitated to call Mark and he always got us our information in a timely and professional manner. We will recommend Mark to all of our friends and will continue to do business with him for a long time to come. He’s a friendly, caring and professional individual and his experience shines through and puts our minds at ease when it comes to all of our real estate transactions. -Lillian Toney, North Long Beach

“…with your skills in making an offer…”

Thanks again Mark for an excellent meeting. We really feel much more comfortable moving ahead with the house on Seymour St! I realize that the asking price is a little bit outside of our budget but I think that with your skills in making an offer we can get them to move a little on their asking price. I know my husband was very impressed with your knowledge, looking forward to meeting again soon! I would highly recommend the team to anyone looking to buy or sell a home! -Lorraine Cobb, Park Estates

“…the girls no longer have to share a room…”

Mark is a real stand-up guy who has a great team backing him up. I really liked the whole positive atmosphere as soon as I walked into his office and our first meeting put me completely at ease. Mark, the new house we got is absolutely a perfect fit for our family. The two girls love the fact that they no longer have to share a room! After 10 years though, I think they’ll actually miss it! Cheers and Thanks again, hope all is well. -Herry Brown, South of Conant

“…Mark saved us time…”

We had never gone through the home buying process before and we really weren’t sure what to expect. We had done some research on homes in the area that we were interested in but everybody we talked to just seemed to make us more confused on the process. We found Mark through his website and he immediately was able to shed some light on our situation. That first meeting he asked the questions that needed to be asked! He made sure that we were only going to be looking at homes that were in our price range and met our criteria and his knowledge of the neighborhood saved us some time by not looking at homes that he knew had obvious problems! Thanks, Mark! -Bobby Guajardo, West Long Beach

“…will certainly recommend him to anyone…”

I was quite sure that Mark was the right guy to be dealing with the moment we got off the phone. He helped us out through the entire process and made us feel like we were one of his largest clients (when we were OBVIOUSLY not!). Even though it was a relatively low priced sale he and his team went above and beyond to ensure that we got the best deal possible. Will certainly recommend him to anyone I know and look forward to doing business in the future. -Melody Bollman, Wrigley

“…His negotiation skills are secondary to none…”

I can’t begin to express how great it was to deal with Mark and his team. Five stars guys! He went above and beyond to make sure that we understood what was happening every step of the way and saved us a great deal of money when it was time to close! His negotiation skills are second to none! -Lorenz Cabrera, Alamitos Beach

“…Mark rocks!…”

Mark rocks! That’s all you need to know. We were trying to navigate the murky waters of purchasing our second home ourselves (just because our first experience with a different Realtor was so bad!) and it soon became obvious that we had no idea what we were doing haha! After a quick meeting with Mark he was able to explain to us what we needed to do and helped us setup a series of goals which ended up in us moving into our absolute dream home! Thanks Mark and have a wonderful Christmas! -Alvaro Altamirano, Belmont Shore

“…what an amazing experience…”

What an amazing experience we had dealing with Mark on our first home buying experience. Mark you’re an amazing person and all around great agent. Your team was also second to none and we felt that our questions were always answered and that our phone calls were always returned. Never had to chase you guys around thats for sure! Thanks, Mark! -Oton Barrera, Bixby Knolls

“…I would highly recommend…”

I would highly recommend dealing with Shandrow Group and specifically Mark if you are new to the real-estate business.-Julia Gutierrez, California Heights

“…great staff and great knowledge…”

Hi Mark, stopping in to let all your future customers know how great our experience was. We recently purchased a new home in Long Beach, CA and Mark made the experience one of the easiest times of our life. Great staff and a great knowledge combined to make our home buying experience a pleasant one that’s for sure! Mark we really appreciated all the support and even dealing with some of our crazy questions! Take care! -Delfor Zabala, Carroll Park

“…we usually dread dealing with agents…”

Mark and his group of representatives are some of the most professional people that I or my husband has ever had the pleasure of dealing with. We have done a fair amount of real estate transactions in the past and usually dread dealing with agents but in this case we’ll be using Mark for years to come in all of our dealings. His ability to deal with the other agents during closing time makes him well worth his salt! Thanks again Mark. I hope you and your family are doing very well. -Tulia Arana, Downtown Long Beach

“…Mark handled everything…”

It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Mark over the past few months. He handled everything and made sure that we always knew what was going on without overwhelming us with too many details. We viewed houses that were in our price range, in the communities we wanted and that were great candidates and if I could complain about one thing is that he showed us such good properties that it made our choice a hard one! Thanks Mark and say hello to your secretary for us, she was a pleasure! -Amarilis Beltran, Park Estates

“100% thorough and professional…”

Mark was a huge help for us during our most recent purchase of our recreation property just outside of Long Beach, CA. Mark not only helped us to navigate the purchase, he made absolutely sure that our new place was ready for us to enjoy. He is 100 % thorough and professional and his expertise is second-to-none. He went above and beyond to make our experience truly remarkable – he truly went beyond our expectations. We will certainly recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor. -Geoffrey Melendez, Wrigley

“…we had been incredibly confused…”

It’s great to have a person like Mark help you out when you’re looking to buy your first home. We had been incredibly confused with the process and felt like we were at a total loss. A good friend of ours let us know about Mark and his team at Shandrow Group and told us we should contact him immediately. We couldn’t be happier we did. His service was prompt and we always felt like we came first with him. He made sure we understood the process every step of the way and wasn’t afraid to offer his opinion on any questions we asked. Great service – Will definitely be recommending. – Triana Alicea, South of Conant

“Thank you for all the expert service…”

Mark – we sincerely wanted to thank you for all the expert service you provided us with over the past few months. We just got situated in out new home on Glenmore Ave. and our entire family couldn’t be happier. Sandra and I will certainly recommend you to all of our friends. Keep up the good work and how about next week for dinner with our family. We can’t wait to meet your wife. -Al Pacheco, West Long Beach

“….Jaime (my parrot) and I couldn’t be happier…”

Mark you have no idea how much I appreciate the help you provided when purchasing my condo this summer on Hill St. As a person without much experience in real-estate I felt completely overwhelmed by everything I read and did! You stepped in like a knight in shining armour and looked after all the gruesome details to make sure I got the best possible condo for the best possible price. Jamie (my parrot) and I couldn’t be happier with our new place! Please stop by next time your in the area! -Wenceslao Zayas, Bixby Knolls

“…we wouldn’t have ended up as well off as we did…”

Mark, Cindy and I just wanted to say thanks for looking after the sale of place. I’m sure had we tried to tackle this task ourselves we wouldn’t have ended up as well off as we did. Your ability to deal with other agents makes you second to none in our books. Looking forward to working with you as we find out new place as well! -Cyprien Valles, Alamitos Beach

“…an absolute terrific experience..”

We had an absolutely terrific experience working with Shandrow Group. This was our second time buying a home and we couldn’t have been happier with how it worked out. Your help at closing time was amazing and you saved us over $3,000 by out negotiating the sellers agent. Your help finding a place that was within the school zone we were most interested him helped a great deal as well! Thanks again.- Ilva Gaona, California Heights

“…we were made to feel like Mark’s top priority…”

Working with the team at Shandrow Group to both sell our old home and find a new one was a very pleasant experience. We were made to feel as though we were Mark’s top priority and our questions were always answered in a timely fashion. Great Job! -Berta Gamboa, Carroll Park

“…thrilled at how easy this process was…”

I’ve really enjoyed my time spent dealing with Mark and the team at Shandrow Group. They made sure that I found exactly the house I was looking for while not wasting any time on sending me to places that would’ve been outside of my price range or that were in a rough part of town. As new comers to California from Canada we’re thrilled at how easy this process was. Thanks! -Pantaleon Salinas, El Dorado Park

“…it was great dealing with Mark and his team…”

Hi Mark, I absolutely loved the properties you showed me yesterday, I really fell in love with that one on East Willow Street! Just thought I’d drop by to say how great it was dealing with Mark and his team and I would highly recommend for anyone to do the same! - Patrick Dowell, Wrigley