Are You Writing Lots of Spaghetti Offers?

Do you sometimes feels that you are making tons of offers on houses with no success?  Are your offers constantly getting countered, rejected or just overbid?  Are you getting tired of driving around on weekends looking for the right house just to get you offer rejected?

We call this ‘spaghetti’ offers.   Sometimes you have to throw a bunch of spaghetti on against the wall to see what sticks.   In today’s market, with incredibly low interest rates and few homes  on the market it takes a lot of throwing to find the right house.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.   It is not uncommon that many buyers are writing five to ten offers on different houses before one gets accepted.  Alicia Weaver of Shandrow Group continues, “the market is very tight right now. There are not a lot of good quality homes on the market and the ones that are good get loads of offers.  It certain feels like a seller’s market.”

To good news is this can present a great opportunity for buyers that are working with a qualified real estate agent.

If you need help reducing the number of spaghetti offers you are writing, contact Shandrow Group today. We can help you find the right house for the right price.